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Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus and many government-ordered shut-downs across our industry and resulting decrease in business, we have currently suspended online orders for our products.

ORDERS CAN STILL BE PLACED AND WILL BE FILLED BY EMAILING US YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND WE WILL RETURN YOUR CALL TO COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE OVER THE PHONE. ZELLE, VENMO AND PAYPAL PAYMENTS CURRENTLY ACCEPTED. The nature of a very small business such as ours means that every penny counts and with very limited orders coming in, we needed to suspend our online merchant service provider temporarily to help save on our monthly expenses. Thank you for understanding during these unchartered and challenging times.

Be safe, healthy & well!
Jen & Vincent

The NMT-bars and training video are a must have for the full time therapist.
These massage tools and informative neuromuscular training video will help you achieve greater depth, eliminate chronic pain in your clients and save your hands.

See what other massage therapists are saying about our products:

“Thank you for your wonderful products.  The video, like a class in itself, was fantastic!  It taught me how to use the massage tools that have really SAVED MY HANDS.  At last, an easy and effective approach to neuromuscular massage therapy is here.”
        Melissa Weinland CMT, Edgewater, CO

“I can’t imagine working without these massage tools.  I use them daily in my private practice as well as the advanced trainings I teach at school.  The depth and precision achieved in every massage session is truly incredible.”
       Stefan Hoyman, CMT and Neuormuscular Therapy Instructor, Colorado School of Healing
            Arts, Lakewood, CO

See what clients have to say about receiving the work:

I’ve received a lot of massage over the years, and no one has ever been able to work into my muscles with as much depth and precision as Jen.  For such a small woman, she can really sustain deep, specific pressure that helps release my muscles.  It’s awesome.  I didn’t even know she was using tools until she pointed it out…I thought she was superhuman!
       Kerry Hicks, ex-NFL player, Denver, CO

"I have osteoarthritis in my neck. Physicians recommend cortisone
shots. I also have a painful arm condition. Physicians recommend
surgery. My neuromuscular therapist uses the NMT-bars from
Neuromuscular Solutions per the training. My neck and arms feel great.
Thanks to this training and the tools, I do not need cortisone or

            Betty Lehman, Executive Director, Autism Society of Colorado


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