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About Us

Neuromuscular Solutions, LLC was created in 2001 in an effort to provide massage and bodywork professionals with professional massage tools for advanced neuromuscular therapy.  As full-time massage therapists we saw the need for this innovative approach to advanced neuromuscular therapy.  We understood the common desire by massage therapists to achieve more depth and effectively treat chronic pain and aid in injury rehabilitation.  In addition, we realized that performing this work with only our hands was compromising and, over time, debilitating to both our bodies and our careers.  After receiving advanced massage tool training ourselves, we realized that these tools needed to be more available to massage professionals everywhere.  Although the use of massage tools (such as t-bars and pressure bars) has been around for many years, we found accessibility to high quality, functional tools was very limited. Once we decided to market these tools to massage and bodywork professionals, we were left with yet another dilemma…how do we teach people around the country to use them properly?  That’s why we decided to make our massage tool training video. It is our hope that by learning from the video and using our NMT-bars, therapists everywhere can have successful full-time careers. We have found that, not only will you be able to achieve greater depth and precision than ever before, but you will also never have to worry about physical burn-out once you master this work. We hope that you will share our passion and enthusiasm for this work.


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